Sleep Help is Here!

Are you baffled when you hear your friend’s say their babies are sleeping through the night at 3 months old and you are still getting up every couple hours (or in sweet dreams pdx mama’s case; every 40 minutes) with your 6 month old, 10 month old or 2 year old?

When you get three full hours of sleep do you consider yourself lucky?  Are your legs and arms getting a work out from the constant patting and bouncing?  Does your little one love to wake up in the middle of the night for a casual snack?  Are you sleep sensing, ferbering, 90 minuting, baby whispering, no cry sleep solution-ing your baby to sleep every night and EXHAUSTED?!

There is hope!

sweet dreams pdx works locally in Portland, Oregon and globally with email and phone support.

You are not alone!

sweet dreams pdx is here to support your family in reaching your sleep training goals.

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